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Learn about your community and easily send a message to the people who set your property tax bill: your local elected officials.

This page includes information for all school districts and counties in Iowa. Only cities with a population over 2,500 and member requested cities are posted. If your city isn't listed, email us and we will add it to this page. 
Results from the November 2, 2021, city council and school board elections are not included on this page yet. After the elections are certified and the winners take office, this information will be updated. 

School District



About this page:

Visit our FAQ page for more information about these charts and how to determine if your community's property tax increases are reasonable. 

Property taxes are complicated and confusing. A significant amount of confusion comes from the fact that your most recent tax bill was determined over a year ago.  By the time you get your bill, it is too late to do anything except feel frustrated, get angry, and complain.

It doesn't have to be this way. Learn the six best times to take action on our how property taxes work webpage. 

Messages sent through the webform will be sent to publicly posted email addresses. Some schools, cities, and counties do not post elected officials' email addresses. We have added notes above the webform for those localities. 


Data included on this website was gathered from the public websites listed below.

Enrollment: Iowa Dept. of Education
Population: United States Census Bureau
Inflation: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Property Taxes Levied: Iowa Dept. of Management
Calculations by Iowans for Tax Relief

Email us if you see any data entry errors or have any questions.